Black Chefit logo with a hand drawn chef's hat

Meet the Team!

Yep, it's just the two of us.
A portrait of Frederik Olesen and Christian Hartvig, the founders of Chefit, standing before a bold pink wall, smiling congenially, dressed in casual, stylish attire, exuding a vibe of friendly professionalism and innovative spirit.

Frederik Olesen (left)
At 30 years young, Frederik is a total tech enthusiast and coding whiz. He's absolutely fascinated by all things programming, drawing from nearly a decade of experience in IT. Starting out in the airline industry and now diving into IT consulting, he's always on the lookout for the next big thing in tech. But beyond the digital world, Frederik has a secret passion for cooking, whipping up delicious meals in his spare time. You might even catch him on Chefit's TikTok, showing off his latest ice cream creations! And when he's not busy with work or cooking up a storm, you can often spot him running around the streets of Copenhagen, embracing the city's vibrant energy.

Christian Hartvig (right)
While some train for triathlons, Christian, at 33 years old, is busy crafting digital products - that's how passionate he is about it. With a diverse background spanning agencies, startups, and traditional sectors like shipping and banking, he's a hybrid creative. Armed with a Bachelor's in arts, a Master's in tech, and a PhD in life experience, he excels at translating tech jargon into human language. When he's not busy crafting digital experiences, you can usually find him in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, indulging in a good book, or enjoying a refreshing swim as exercise.