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Cookie Policy

Last updated on March 21, 2024

Welcome to Our Kitchen!

Hey there! So, you’ve decided to join us on a culinary adventure. That’s awesome, and we’re super excited to have you. Here at Chefit, we use a little digital magic called cookies (sadly, not the chocolate chip kind) along with our website and app to make your experience as smooth as a creamy béchamel sauce. Let’s dive into the dough and explain what this means for you.

What’s a Cookie Again?

Imagine a cookie as a tiny digital helper that remembers things for you, like your language preference or what’s in your shopping cart. They're small files that get saved on your device, making your online life a bit easier.

How We Use Cookies

Essential Cookies

These are our kitchen helpers, making sure our website and app work like they’re supposed to. They remember your settings and preferences, so you don’t have to set them up every single time. We don’t ask for your permission to use these because, without them, Chefit just wouldn’t be the same.

Analytical Cookies

With your okay, we use these to peek into how you use Chefit. It’s all about making things better and more enjoyable for you. Think of it as us checking which recipes are hot favorites and which ones might need a little spice.

Advertising Cookies

These cookies are the social butterflies. They help us show you ads that are relevant and interesting to you, not just random billboards. We ask if it’s cool to use these because we want to make sure you’re okay with it.

Friends of Chefit (Third Parties)

Just like in a bustling market, we have friends who drop by our site with their own cookies. They help us understand you better and show you the right ads. We’re picky about our company, but just a heads up, we can’t control every cookie they bring to the party.

Your Choices

The first time you visit us, we’ll talk cookies. If you’re cool with our use of them, awesome. If not, no hard feelings. You can change your cookie settings anytime through your browser. Just know, changing these settings might make our site and app a bit less user-friendly.

A Quick Note on Unexpected Guests

Sometimes, cookies we didn’t invite might show up (looking at you, embedded videos). If you spot a cookie crashing our party and it’s not on our list, give us a shout. We’ll take care of it.

It’s Your Right

Your data, your rules. You’ve got rights when it comes to your personal data, like peeking at it, changing it, or asking us to forget you (which we hope you never do!). Just reach out to us.

Keeping Up With the Cookies

Our cookie policy, like a good recipe, might need tweaks. We’ll keep you posted on big changes, but feel free to check back in for the latest version.

Got Questions? Let’s Chat!

If you’ve got cookie questions or just want to talk food, we’re all ears. Drop us a line at:

Chefit, Part of Cupio ApS
Attn: Christian Hartvig
Tyrolsgade 17, 1. TH
2300 Copenhagen

Thanks for being here. We’re thrilled to cook up some great experiences together. Happy browsing (and cooking)!